Monday, September 8, 2008

Spicy Red Beans and Rice

(From Southern Living)

1 1/2 lbs. dried red kidney beans (or 3 cans if you don't want to soak)
5 slices of bacon, chopped
1 lb. smoked sausage, sliced
1/2 lb. salt pork, quartered
6 garlic cloves minced
5 celery ribs, sliced
2 green bell peppers, chopped
1 large onion, chopped
2 (32 oz) containers chicken broth
1 t. salt
1 t. ground red pepper (cayenne)
1 t. black pepper

Place kidney beans in a Dutch oven. Cover with water 2 inches above beans and let soak 8 hours. Drain beans; rinse thoroughly and drain again.

Saute bacon in Dutch oven over medium-high heat 5 minutes. Add smoked sausage and salt pork; saute 5 min. or until sausage is golden brown. Add garlic and next three ingredients; saute 5 minutes or until veggies are tender.

Stir in beans, broth, and next three ingredients. bring to a boil. Boil 15 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer stirring occasionally, 3 hours or until beans are tender. Remove salt pork before serving (sometimes I can only find "sliced" salt pork...just bind with kitchen twine for easy removal). Serve over rice.

Note: If using canned beans, after the "15 minute boil", transfer to a crock pot and cook on low 5-6 hours or high for 3-4 hours to let flavors combine without over-cooking beans.

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